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I know how hard it is for fella’s to get dressed up for a costume party, some of you love it and a lot of you loathe it! At Fancy Dress VIP we make it simple for you with a selection of costumes, accessories and some costumes that even include all of the accessories too. You can make it really easy by buying a costume that include all the accessories like our Brave Knight Crusader that includes a hood, tunic, boot covers, gloves and even a cape too. We have other historical options like our Viking complete with hat and leg warmers or what about our Japanese Ninja that covers you from head to toe. Men through history is such a broad theme to think about when getting fancy dress ideas - with so many iconic characters to dress up as your certain to find one right up your street. The groovy hippy eras of the 60’s and 70’s are always a firm favourite with night fever inspired shirts and pimp outfits for a funnier spin - which can also fall into the gangster fuelled 20’s. From Caesar to Cavemen think about what your favourite subjects were as a kid in history class and run with it! Think fake facial hair, hats, helmets, swords and get the ideas flowing – it’s easier than you think and if you are really, really struggling just go as a 2nd half to your partner’s costume, if she’s going as a sexy Greek Goddess go as a hunky Gladiator, simple.
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Boromir fancy dress cloak

Mens Faux Fur Lord Cape Brown Rings Cloak

£29.99 £24.99
"I ask only for the strength to defend my people". Look like Boromir in this long velvety brown cloak. If you feel like being the good bad guy then be the character that everyone loves to hate. This long brown cloak meaures to 58" long and has a thick...
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Men's Gold Ruffle Disco Shirt

Mens Gold Ruffle Disco 70s Shirt Groovy Fancy Dress

£15.99 £13.99
Shine brightly in a gold disco shirt! Slide on this silky shirt that'll woo the ladies at any hippy or 60's/70's fancy dress. Show your style with this stunning gold shirt that has long sleeves, buttoned middle, ruffle cuffs, fold down collar and a...
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Viking Costume with Accessories

Viking Warrior Thor Fancy Dress Costume

£40.00 £29.99
This complete costume is ideal if you don't want to buy everything seperately. We have done it for you already! This fantastic men's costume features a brown tunic with chainmail style sleeves with belt and faux fur cuffs for a Nordic look. It also...
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Faux chainmail

Medieval Lion Knight Fancy Dress Costume

£25.99 £24.99
Be the Knight in shining armour instead of Prince Charming, he's so overrated! This fantastic costume has a long black tunic with a gold trimmed fringe and a large gold shield  with a red dragon in the middle of the body. The shoulders are slightly...
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Prince Charming

Mens Fabric Chainmail Coif Knight Hood

£8.99 £5.59
Do you want to save the Princess and slay the Dragon? How about becoming a Lannister Knight or a defender of the realm? Simple. Don your cloak and put this authentic Knights hood on for that finishing touch. The proper name for this close fitting armour...
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20s Gatsby Trilby Hat Gangster Mob Mafia Accessory

20s Gangster Trilby Hat

A little party never killed no body! Enjoy a Gatsby party, gangster film themed fancy dress party or even pair up and dress as the blue brothers! This black trilby hat with white band is perfect for any occasion and will make you look dapper at any do! A...
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Silver sword with gold detailing

52cm Pirate Sword with Scabbard

£9.99 £5.99
This sword with scabbard is a fun accessory for your pirate costume. Grab a weapon to accessorise your fancy dress... imagine being a character in Pirates of the Caribean and imitate Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. Attempt to replicate their style and...
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53cm Halloween Horror Bloody Cleaver

£13.99 £6.99
Accessorize your outfit with this cleaver, the ultimate 80's horror film classic choice of weapon bringing your costume to life. With a gruesome blood splatter design for the most iconic Halloween look. Be theatrical and use for a...
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60cm Brave Indian Tomahawk Prop

Add this impressive Western Brave Indian Tomahawk to any Native American Costume! A classic prop and decorated with faux grey fur and a bear motif on the axe head, it’s a must have for any Brave Red Indian or Western Chief. Measuring 60cm approx...
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White Disco Suit Costume

70's White Disco Dancer Full Suit Fancy Dress Costume

Dance the weekend away in your Tony Fancy Dress costume for that 1970's Fancy Dress party. In full White with a Black shirt it is a classic look of the Disco era. The trousers have great flares and the jacket looks amazing on any size. Saturday Night...
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Mens Brown Afro Wig

70s Brown Afro Disco Dude Wig

£13.99 £8.99
Realistic Afro Wig in a natural Brown colour. Great for Men to complete their Disco dancer Fancy Dress costume for that era themed Party. From Night Fever to Austin Powers no Swinging 60s or 70s costume is complete without a great Afro Wig. Adult...
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Plastic Fake Toy Prop Weapon Gladiator Sword Roman Greek Toga Party Accessory

76cm Gold Spartan Sword

Prepare to battle your enemies with this gold printed gladiator sword. With a tarnished gold finish and brown handle,, this classic Roman accessory is perfect for toga parties. Looks great with a full solider costume! Measures 76cm A historical...
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Blonde Mullet Wig for Men

80s Blonde Mullet Wig

£12.99 £11.99
Mullet style Wig in Blonde for Men - ideal for an 80s Fancy Dress Party. With messy style on top and long sides you will look like you have a real Mullet in this Wig. Easy to wear and in this highest quality it is great for all events. Blonde...
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Mens Baywatch Blonde 80s Wig

80s Blonde Short Mens Wig

A Wig transforms your look and this one will take you back to the 1980's. Perfect for George costumes, 80s Pop Star impersonations and loads of Characters! Realistic looking Blonde Wig ideal to complete your Fancy Dress costume. 80's...
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80S Zebra Print Spandex Trousers Glam Rock Costume

80s Glam Rock Zebra Print Trousers

Rock out to your favourite glam rock band in these classic zebra print spandex trousers! With an elasticated waist, they look great on anybody! Ideal for groups of 80s glam rocker stags or wear for an 80s themed music fancy dress party. Go bold and dare...
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9" Glitter Microphone Girl Band Boy TV Host Prop Toy

80s Glitter Microphone Prop

Have a go at presenting your own talent show or show off your skills by belting out your favourite tunes! With this glitter head microphone prop, you’re sure to have endless fun! From becoming the next girl band to imitating your favourite tv host,...
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Giant Dollar Sign necklace for 80s Fancy Dress

80s Hip Hop Dollar Sign Necklace

From Hip Hop to 80s themes this Dollar Sign necklace is a must have - a whopping 23cm it is great to customise that Fresh Prince Fancy Dress or add to your 70s Disco Shirt for a bit of comical glam. Dollar Size: 23cm x 15cm x 0.5cm Great to add to any...
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Pack of 10 80s Glasses Stag Do Fun Sunglasses

80s Novelty Glasses with Printed Lenses

£16.99 £10.99
This pack of 10 funky 80s glasses are ideal for groups! Simply pair with a disco shirt, neon legwarmers and some flares for that totally cool 80s disco dude look! They’re great for groups of stags on a night out. An easy to wear funky fancy dress...
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80s Purple Fancy Dress Costume

80s Purple Prince Fancy Dress Costume

£29.99 £25.19
This Purple outfit lets you dress fully as Prince! With Jacket with silver sequin detailing and velvet purple fabric it is ideal for 80s Fancy Dress. It even comes with matching trousers too. The white top and sleevs are attached in classic frilly style...
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