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Ahhhh! Don’t have a clue what shoes to wear with your costume? Footwear is always daunting when it comes to picking the right pair that work well with your amazing outfit. Take a look at our selection and see what we have to offer. We have all types of boots and boot covers that will look great on you. All of the boots will look cracking with any costume from the Historical & Era’s and Christmas genre (especially the Black Boots and covers – Mr and Mrs Claus wouldn’t look the same without them!) If you’re still looking for inspiration, then why not try a pair of Brown Steampunk Spats Boot Top Covers with our pirate or Indian costumes? As well as the obvious steampunk look that you might be going for; boot covers are a great solution if you’re worried about going to a party in new uncomfortable shoes. Go to the party in your old comfy pair of shoes but make them look brand new with a pair of boot covers to cover them up and make them fit your character better. Once you give them a try you’ll never look back, they will come handy for any other fancy dress party in the future and are perfect for LARP.

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Blood Splatter Socks One Size

Use these socks to complete any murderous style outfit! They go great with a variety of footwear, so pick and match to find the best combination. They're suitable for both men as well as women and come in one size, so you can't go wrong with...
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Spats look great over shoes

Brown Steampunk Spats Boot Top Covers

£8.99 £4.99
No costume is complete without spats. Picture you have your steampunk ensemble all ready to put on for the fair and you ruin it with white (non-Victorian) trainers, rubbish! What you need are some spats. Wear them over your shoes and trousers for a...
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Plain Black Boot Top Covers to go with any Black shoes

Hunter Plain Black Boot Top Covers

£9.99 £5.89
Everyone has a pair of Black shoes, work shoes, formal shoes – it’s just inevitable, now you don’t have to go out and buy a new pair of authentic Pirate Boots Jack Sparrow style, or some Victorian footmen boots – you can just get...
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70s Groovy hippy ABBA Platform Boots

Mens 70s Disco Platform Shoes

Get into the groove with these bright white platform disco boots. Made from a shiny PVC material, these boots feature a lace up front and high 3” platform heel. Looks great with a hippy costume, jumpsuit or disco shirts. Easy to wear and a novelty...
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Roman Gladiator sandals

Mens Brown Leg Wrap Roman Sandals Upto UK 9

£10.00 £5.99
Have a go with a pair of Roman Gladiator sandals to go with your fancy dress costume. It can be a pain trying to find a decent looking afforable shoe to wear with any fancy dress ensemble. So don't stress it we have a pair of felt brown sandals with a...
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Pirate Boot Tops Brown Distress

Shoes are always the most forgotten or underestimated part of the costume. With these boot covers you'll look like the most fashionable pirate around, and you'll save a buck on shoes! Detailed leather like texture Soft to the touch and comfortable...
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Silver Boot Top Covers

Silver GoGo Boot Covers

Going to an ABBA themed party? These silver GoGo boot covers are the perfect accessory to go over your shoes for that sparkling disco diva look! Easy to wear, simply hook over your shoes and you’re good to go! A 70s classic. Even wear for...
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