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Always fancied the middle ages, or maybe played the Medieval Play Station 2 game - then have a laugh in a suitable outfit from FancyDressVIP!  Get yourself dressed in our Brave Crusader Knight Fancy Dress, Fabric Chainmail Coif Knight Hood or Medieval Lion Knight Fancy Dress Costume. Sling your feet up whilst you take part of a huge feast and surround yourself with other like-minded medieval knights. If you like Cosplay then you will be excited to hear about our Crusader Knight Costume that includes a: tunic, hood, gloves, cape, sash and boot covers that’ll give you the ultimate medieval look that you’re going for. Stick out from the crowd as a Deranged Jester and entertain the noble knights for the evening!

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Faux chainmail

Medieval Lion Knight Fancy Dress Costume

£25.99 £24.99
Be the Knight in shining armour instead of Prince Charming, he's so overrated! This fantastic costume has a long black tunic with a gold trimmed fringe and a large gold shield  with a red dragon in the middle of the body. The shoulders are slightly...
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Plastic Fake Toy Prop Weapon Gladiator Sword Roman Greek Toga Party Accessory

76cm Gold Spartan Sword

Prepare to battle your enemies with this gold printed gladiator sword. With a tarnished gold finish and brown handle,, this classic Roman accessory is perfect for toga parties. Looks great with a full solider costume! Measures 76cm A historical...
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Skeleton Crypt Keeper

Adults Crypt Keeper Evil Ghoul Fancy Dress Costume

£29.99 £22.69
Be the keeper of the crypts in this frightening ghoul costume. Watch everyone flee the scene when they see you walking towards them. This costume includes a long black robe with a very realistic rib cage feature on the chest and a skull on each shoulder...
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Headless Horseman costume with neck headpiece

Adults Headless Horseman Halloween Fancy Dress Costume

£36.00 £29.99
Be a grimm nightmare that keeps people tossing and turning in their slumber. Bring their terror to life with this blood curdling Headless Horseman costume. Be Sleepy Hollow in a costume that includes a grey shirt with attached vest and a long black cape...
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Black Plague Medieval Doctor Mask

Black Plague Medieval Doctor Mask

£15.99 £10.99
This plague Doctor mask is Historically accurate and great for anyone who loves the Measly Middle Ages. Made of Plaster it is a high quality hard mask that is easy to wear and looks great. Ideal for theatrical purposes it covers the entire face too...
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Plain Black Boot Top Covers to go with any Black shoes

Hunter Plain Black Boot Top Covers

£9.99 £5.89
Everyone has a pair of Black shoes, work shoes, formal shoes – it’s just inevitable, now you don’t have to go out and buy a new pair of authentic Pirate Boots Jack Sparrow style, or some Victorian footmen boots – you can just get...
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Mens Medieval Knight Tunic Fancy Dress

M/L Black Warrior Jerkin Tunic

£19.99 £17.99
If you're dressing up then look and feel impressive as a Medieval Knight or character from Game of Thrones. This Mens Jerkin is designed for a Medieval look of a character from your favourite stories. Wether you are a Once Upon a Time fan or maybe you...
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Mens Black and Gold Evil Court Jester Costume

£30.99 £28.99
Start your Halloween Party off the right way by completely Transforming yourself with just one Costume! No need for added extras! Make an entrance to your Masquerade Ball or Halloween Party in this Royal Evil Court Jester Costume. With Traditional Jester...
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Smart all-in-one

Mens Classic Vampire Fancy Dress Costume

Be a sexy Vampire this Mens Halloween Costume! This fun 4 piece costume comes with a silky white shirt with long puffy sleeves and frilly cuffs that are elasticated around the wrists for extra comfort. Attached to the silky white shirt is a smart...
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Mens medieval pirate captain jack sparrow shirt top fancy dress accessory

Mens Deluxe Black Pirate Shirt

£19.99 £14.29
This deluxe pirate inspired shirt is perfect for themed fancy dress parties. Whether you’re dressing as a swashbuckling pirate captain, medieval Steampunk general or flower power hippy, this top is an essential for any wardrobe. With a ruffle...
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Long black cloak

Mens Gothic Steampunk Cloak

£19.99 £16.99
Look dark and handsome in a long leather look cloak. This black cloak measures at 52" in length and features eyelets along the trim, studs and lace patterns by the shoulders and chest complete with three buckles that fasten across the chest. This is a...
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Khal Ponytail Wig Facial Hair Beard Cosplay Game of Thrones Accessory Kit

Mens Warrior Beard & Ponytail Hair Set

£14.99 £11.29
Dress as Khal the warrior from the hit TV show Game of Thrones in this iconic beard and ponytail hair kit! With a stick on beard and ponytail wig, it’s a true to life wig and great for cosplay events, LARP roleplay and medieval fancy dress. Easy to...
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Sheriff of Nottingham Fancy Dress Costume

Sheriff of Nottingham Fancy Dress Costume

£30.00 £24.50
Try and stop Robin Hood in this dark bad guy Fancy Dress costume. In mysterious black and metal-look silver it is the perfect iconic Sheriff of Nottingham outfit. Mens Medieval outfit ideal for LARP and Steampunk outfits too. Size: M/L Black and Silver...
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Game of Thrones inspired Tunic for Fancy Dress

XL Brown Leather look Jerkin Tunic

£20.99 £17.99
This Brown jerkin is perfect for any Medieval costume. In XL it is a great fit for most Men and creates a realistic look. Perfect for dressing up as a brave Knight or Hero from the time of King Arthur and the Templars. Mens XL Brown Leather...
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