Props & Weapons

Need a prop or weapon for role play, maybe you need it for a party. Take a look at our toy sets and see what we have to offer. We have a police gun handcuff baton accessories toy set that would be perfect for the role! Maybe it’s a wild west cowboy gun pistol accessories toy set that would make you look like a true cowboy – you can’t be a proper cowboy if you haven’t got all the gear! Don’t worry fireman we have a set for you too, have a browse at our axe gas mask accessories toy set, you’ll be saving lives in no time. If it’s just a little something to add to your costume then take a look at our range of weapons from swords, cleavers, daggers, knives, hooks and pistols – I’m sure we will have something that’s just right for you. Even for those steampunks out there we have exciting nemo steampunk blaster hand guns and pistols so be aware and have a blast when you order one of these today! It’s not all about weapons, so don’t feel left out – we have a very useful coin purse for you pirates, and a blow up parrot that hooks nicely to your shoulder. For the cheeky Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn types we have the classic cigarette holder just for you.