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Need a prop or weapon for role play, maybe you need it for a party. Take a look at our toy sets and see what we have to offer. We have a police gun handcuff baton accessories toy set that would be perfect for the role! Maybe it’s a wild west cowboy gun pistol accessories toy set that would make you look like a true cowboy – you can’t be a proper cowboy if you haven’t got all the gear! Don’t worry fireman we have a set for you too, have a browse at our axe gas mask accessories toy set, you’ll be saving lives in no time. If it’s just a little something to add to your costume then take a look at our range of weapons from swords, cleavers, daggers, knives, hooks and pistols – I’m sure we will have something that’s just right for you. Even for those steampunks out there we have exciting nemo steampunk blaster hand guns and pistols so be aware and have a blast when you order one of these today! It’s not all about weapons, so don’t feel left out – we have a very useful coin purse for you pirates, and a blow up parrot that hooks nicely to your shoulder. For the cheeky Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn types we have the classic cigarette holder just for you.

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Hand Held Gold Christmas Santa Bell

£8.99 £6.59
Want to be Santa this year? Grab a Golden Bell and give it a ring - let everyone know that you're on your way! Maybe you're doing a Santa's Grotto or maybe just having a bit of fun with the Kids on Christmas why not pick up a bell and give it a ring...
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12pc Christmas Selfie Photobooth Kit

£13.99 £9.89
Pose with your friends this Festive season with this Novelty 12pc Photo Booth Kit. With a variety of Christmas Characters to choose from, you’ll be able to accessorise your Costume to your own style! The popular Photo Booth style of this accessory...
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Futuristic Steampunk Vintage Victorian Toy Props

2 x Steampunk Revolver Gun Props

Complete your vintage steampunk costume with a pair of these authentic mini pistol revolvers. With a tarnished gold colour, cogs and spools in a futuristic design, they're suitable for cosplay, fancy dress and themed events. Even use as an...
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Adult's Voodoo Fancy Dress Accessory Prop Party Decoration Carnival String Rubber Large Witch Doctor

30cm Hanging Halloween Voodoo Doll Prop

No voodoo Priest and priestess costumes are complete without a voodoo doll and this large 30cm prop is the perfect way to enhance your costume. The self standing prop can also be hung up or stood as a party decoration.  Self Standing Or Hanging...
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30cm Harry Wizard Wand

£4.99 £4.59
You're a Wizard Harry! You need a magic Wand if you are going to be a Witch or Wizard on Halloween or at that Fancy Dress party. Let's face it, it's a must have item! 30cm Wand Brown Realistic Wood detailing Must have for Halloween Made of Plastic Great...
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Pirate Telescope Accessory Book Week Prop

30cm Pirate Telescope

I spy with my little eye! This pirate themed telescope will help you spot your enemies from miles away! Dress as a swashbuckling captain and use this accessory to complete your outfit! With a skull and crossbones badge and gold trim, it’s a fancy...
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Gold and silver pirate sword with skull and crossbone

37cm Classic Pirate Sword Prop

£9.99 £5.29
A classic sabre sword is the way to go for a pirate themed party. This sword is gold and silver with a curved blade featuring a skull and crossbone and a golden sabre handle. Re-enact a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean or give your kids some fun props...
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Rainbow Mermaid Sea Siren Trident

45cm Sea Siren Trident

£19.99 £7.29
Put a dark twist on a Disney favourite with this mermaid inspired sea siren trident. With a black rainbow holographic finish, black netting and a 3 point pitchfork style, it’s suitable for both men and women for an underwater cosplay outfit. Dress...
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Roman style Sword with Sheath

48cm Roman Gladiator Sword with Sheath Prop

£9.99 £7.69
This sword is a classic Roman looking weapon. Historically accurate and made of plastic it is suitable for all aged Children (and Adults) so you can be a real hero in your Centurion costume. Gladiator is a timeless classic so if you have a movie themed...
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Pirate pistol

49cm Pirate Pistol Long Gun Costume

Grab your pistols and swords! Be part of Pirates of the Caribbean with this gold and silver detailed pistol. Whether you're dressing up as Will Turner, Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann this prop weapon will compliment your costume perfectly. Use your pistol...
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Bloodied Silver Machette Prop Toy

51.5cm Bloodied Machete Prop

£8.99 £7.99
No Halloween costume is complete without a bloodied prop. This 51.5cm Machete style knife is ideal for killer clowns, zombies, and infamous movie monsters! Made of a lightweight plastic material, it features a blood-stained silver blade and worn wood...
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Silver sword with gold detailing

52cm Pirate Sword with Scabbard

£9.99 £5.99
This sword with scabbard is a fun accessory for your pirate costume. Grab a weapon to accessorise your fancy dress... imagine being a character in Pirates of the Caribean and imitate Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. Attempt to replicate their style and...
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53cm Halloween Horror Bloody Cleaver

£13.99 £6.99
Accessorize your outfit with this cleaver, the ultimate 80's horror film classic choice of weapon bringing your costume to life. With a gruesome blood splatter design for the most iconic Halloween look. Be theatrical and use for a...
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Silver Chrome Machete Knife Cleaver

54.5cm Silver Chrome Machete Prop

Complete any Halloween costume with this realistic machete knife prop! With a silver plastic chrome plated blade and handle, we love it paired with an evil killer clown costume! Add your own SFX blood for the full horror look. Easy to use and a Halloween...
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58cm Devil Fork

58cm Plastic Devil Fork

£6.99 £4.99
This classic Halloween item is ideal for using for any Costume - add a weapon prop to scare up your look! This lightweight plastic fork is perfect for Kids and Adults too, its classic design will never go out of style at Halloween so it is great to use...
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Ninja sword and Scabbard Fancy Dress Accessory

60cm Ninja Sword and Scabbard Prop

Every Ninja needs a trusty weapon and this 60cm sword would compliment any black clad fancy dress. So if you're dressing as a stealthily warrior don't forget this important edition, with a sword and scabbard your sure to be the best equipped ninja at any...
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Kids Adult's Pirate Sword Prop Fancy Dress Weapon

65cm Pirate Sword Costume Prop

Pretend to be a pirate captain with this fancy dress pirate sword. The prop is made from plastic and features skull & cross bone detail. Pirate Sword Fancy Dress Accessory Features Skull And Cross Bone Detail Ideal For Any Fancy Dress...
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