It’s around that time again with fancy dress parties on the rise, feeling ready to have a good time and make a great entrance? Here you will discover all kinds of categories such as: animals, hen do, historical and era, Lindy Bop 50’s dresses and profession and uniform. Try our animal collection be an adorable feline, you could be a sweet little kitty or a ferocious leopard. Grab some face paints too and be creative with your leopard pattern, why not try little patches of leopard prints over random bits of skin? Love to wear wings? Then why not be a spooky bat and grab our bat costume accessory set that comes with a bat headband, wand, wings and a tutu. There’s a hen do coming up and you want to look drop dead gorgeous, take a look at our wonderful dresses and accessories in our Moulin Rouge collection. You can dress it up or down depending on your taste. If you fancy yourself as a historian then check out our history and era’s category, you’ll discover a number of themes that’ll get your imagination going. Lindy Bop 50’s dresses – It’s time to have some fun! See our 50’s style dresses that all adorable and sassy, make an entrance and have that wow factor. Dabble in a different profession with our sailor, french maid, air hostess, cabaret and cowgirl costumes - you won’t be let down.