Book Week

Get involved and dive into book week with your most loved character. You could dress as the dragon from The Legend of Saint George and the Dragon. This sweet Dragon Costume is a tabard with a hood. You could rule the school with your awesome fire breathing outfit. If there’s trouble you’ll be there in your Fireman Costume, be a hero and be just like Fireman Sam. This costume comes with a fireman’s hat, fireman’s jacket with badge and trousers, so get your gear on and look out for anyone that needs your help! Don’t worry parents this outfit is tough and is easy to wipe clean, so no matter what your little hero gets up to he will be ready to save the world again tomorrow. Boys love ninjas because they’re sneaky, quick and cool. Let them show off their moves in our Dragon Slayer Ninja Warrior Costume this includes a: sash, pants, tabard, face mask, leg guards, arm guards and shirt with attached hood. With all this included they will have the best costume going! No one likes going to the doctors but perhaps you could change their minds, beat the white coat effect and become a doctor or surgeon yourself. You’re an officer on patrol keeping the towns and streets safe so take a peek at our awesome Police Officer Costume that comes with a hat, police jacket and trousers. There’s still more outfits to choose from so take a look and see what takes your fancy!