Historical & Era's

Fancy dressing for another era or want to revisit history, why not check out our costume selection? You could be the glamorous Cleopatra in her very famous get up. If that doesn’t persuade you then take a peek at our Roman and Greek costumes. Like the idea of Medieval? Get a Barbarian Babe Viking that can be worn again and again for any occasion. Imagine this costume with a ginger wig and you could be Wilma Flintstone in a flash. Whether you like the Wild West theme because of the cowgirls or burlesque ringmaster fashion, we have all options in store for you! If you want cute then go as a cowgirl or if you want sexy try out sassy burlesque dresses.  Do you like the fashion from the 20’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s? Then check out our wonderful collection of costumes that’ll take you back in time. Come on ladies - set yourself up with the ideal costume!