Profession & Uniform

Look rich, sneaky or smart in our Profession and Uniform category. Here at Fancy Dress VIP you have a number of outfits that will give you inspiration. Play the part of an army officer in camouflage, you don’t want to be seen when you’re doing important work so put on our Camouflage Army Officer Fancy Dress Jumpsuit and hat to avoid being spotted. Got “the moves like Jagger”? Then slip into our Dragon Ninja Fancy Dress Costume and be that highly trained assassin you’ve always wanted to be. Imagine going unseen whilst you pick off those baddies who have it coming! Add to your outfit with our props and weapons in accessories. Be a posh highwayman and look dapper in our Pirate Highwayman Fancy Dress Costume or quite the opposite in our Circus Clown Fancy Dress. See what we have to offer and be excited with your decision!