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Vikings are on the rise thanks to our famous series Vikings and Game of Thrones. Why not dress up for a party as one of your favourite characters from these shows or join in with Cosplay! This is an ideal Shagga the Wildling fancy dress costume if you don't fancy being a Lannister Knight. Wear these fake fur skins and charge! If you prefer Marvel Comics then why not take advantage of these Viking outfits and look just like Thor! Got a Scandinavian background? God's from Norse mythology are great for historical fancy dress and are a really unique fancy dress idea for men. Some of our Viking costumes even have matching women's versions too so you can go as a warrior couple - just don't forget your hammer! Don’t forget to grab an accessory, we have weapons and props, inflatables and face paints. Why not make it look like you’ve been to battle using some black and red face paints to create the illusion that you’ve been fighting.