What reaction do you want at a fancy dress party? Be hideous in our Foul Fashion or go as a historical hero like Caesar. If you want the whole outfit or just the accessories then take a look here. Try out our Viking Costume that comes with tunic, belt, faux fur “reindeer” cuffs, matching furry leg warmers to cover your shoes and a Viking cape and Nordic helmet with horns. You can’t go wrong with this one, we’re aware that you guys don’t always enjoy shopping so make it easy for yourself today. Morphsuits are all the rage so take a look at our Iron Man and Clown Morphsuit. Our suits have such amazing detail that you won’t regret your purchase. If you’re unsure then take comfort in knowing that it has two safety zips and it is possible to breathe, see and drink in these. You can change profession with just a quick adjustment of costume, you could be a sailor, highwayman or a clown within minutes! We have various other costumes such as Neanderthal Wild Caveman Fancy dress, Mexican Poncho and Sombrero, Warrior costumes and more for those stag dos. Whatever the occasion take a look and be inspired!