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Ever liked the Horrible History Books? Enjoy or range of historical costumes and learn more about your character. Imagine sitting around a grand table waiting for the feast to begin, everyone around you is dressed in their full medieval gear drinking from their goblets. You could be doing the same in our knight of the round table costume, grab one and give it a go. If you’d much rather go to battle then be our brave crusader in our knight of the realm fancy dress costume, gather your friends and fight for justice. Wherever your interest lies have a sneaky peek at our historical numbers!

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60cm Brave Indian Tomahawk Prop

Add this impressive Western Brave Indian Tomahawk to any Native American Costume! A classic prop and decorated with faux grey fur and a bear motif on the axe head, it’s a must have for any Brave Red Indian or Western Chief. Measuring 60cm approx...
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96cm Silver Spartan Sword

Complete your spartan gladiator costume with this silver sword accessory, With a decorative handle and mottled silver blade, its ideal for book week costumes, medieval fancy dress and historical events. Suitable for ages 14+. A classic medieval...
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Charles Dickens style Top Hat

Boy Childs Black Velour Victorian Top Hat

£8.99 £4.39
Kids Soft Top Hat, ideal for Book Week and Victorian Fancy Dress. If you are making a Fancy Dress costume this Hat is ideal. Great to dress up as Willy Wonka, Dodger, Doctor Who characters and anyone that may require a Top Hat! The most popular character...
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World War II Book Week Children's Fancy Dress

Boy Girl WW2 Evacuee Fancy Dress Costume

£15.00 £11.99
Learn about the WWII in a more exciting way and dress up as an evacuee. Whether it's World Book Day or you're really interesting in learning about the world wars then you will love these 40's 50's style outfits. If you're looking to buy an evacuee...
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Blue, white, red and grey Knight costume

Boys Chainmail Knight of the Round Table Fancy Dress Costume

£19.99 £13.29
Rule the Kingdom in this boys fantasy medieval knight of the realm costume is perfect for Halloween, fantastic for birthday parties and is a great idea for book week. The Knights top is a silky red and white material with a red and blue shield featuring...
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Book Week costume for boys

Boys Child Roman Centurion Gladiator Fancy Dress Costume

£19.99 £13.99
Prepare for battle in this heroic Centurion costume. A Gladiator must be equipped with the full body armour so we're here to make sure your boy will be safe in battle with a costume including it all! Each costume includes a long white tunic with attached...
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Boys Fancy Dress Costume Ringmaster Ringleader Circus Carnival Halloween Party Outfit Jester Greatest Act

Boys Deluxe Circus Ringmaster Costume

Be the ringleader of the greatest circus act in this show stopping fancy dress. The costume includes everything you need to look the part from a jacket with a mock shirt to trousers and a top hat! This is the perfect costume for any fancy dress event...
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Boys Deluxe Zombie Viking Costume with Hat and Beard

£28.99 £15.99
Release some of that inner Anger and Scare your Friends in this Zombie Viking Costume. Complete with Beard and Hat, you’ll resemble, a slightly more Zombified Version of Attila the Hun! Great for Halloween Parties! Try something a little different...
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Dino Skeleton Halloween Costume

Boys Dinosaur Skeleton Costume and Mask

Give your biggest dino ROAR in this dinosaur skeleton costume! With a bone printed jumpsuit, attached tail and large T-Rex Head, you’ll look just Jurassic! Ideal for book week, fancy dress and Halloween parties. Boys Dinosaur Skeleton Costume...
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Bright Green and Red Dragon Tabbard

Boys Friendly Dragon Costume

£19.99 £13.49
Look and feel like a friendly fire breathing dragon in this costume. This dragon costume is long and red with a green spiky collar and is attached at the neck by a square of Velcro; allowing easy removal. Along the back there's a matching green spine...
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Gold Medieval Tunic

Boys Gold Brave Heart Costume with Sword and Gauntlet

£30.99 £24.59
Medieval style Knight Costume for Boys in regal Gold and Red. With a Fleur de Lis pattern on the chest. This great outfit even includes accessories too - with plastic Sword and Gauntlet you will be ready to slay the Dragon, face those enemies and save...
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Gandalf the Grey costume for Boys

Boys Grey Wise Wizard Fancy Dress Costume

£19.99 £17.49
With authentic Hat and Robe, easy to wear Beard and Wand included in this costume you have everything you need to go out and cast some magic spells! In grey mottled style you will look like a worn out old Sorcerer in this outfit, wear on Halloween, for...
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3 musketeer costume

Boys Historical Musketeer Costume

Wear this historically accurate musketeer costume to any historical event or medieval themed party! With an embellished tabard, feathered hat and plastic sword weapon, you’ll be set for battle! A fancy-dress favourite and easy to...
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tudor boy costume

Boys Historical Tudor Prince Costume

Go back in time with this royal blue Tudor prince costume with accessories. This complete costume includes everything you need to dress you head to toe for Book Day. Tudor themed, its historically accurate and one for the history books! A historical...
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Boys Horrible Histories Miner Costume

Go back in time with this Horrible Histories Miner Costume! With ‘coal’ patterned Top and Trousers and a bright blue cravat, this costume will make you look like you’ve just been down in the mines! Simply add a touch of muck to your...
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Military Horrible Histories Kids Soldier Boy Costume

Boys Horrible Histories Soldier Costume

Dress like a wartime solider in this official Horrible Histories costume. Featuring a brown top with medals on the chest and belt design and matching trousers that gather at the ankle with gold buttons, you’ll look like a war hero in no time. Top...
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Knights Boys Kids Childs Childrens Book Week Historical Medieval Quest Fairy Tale Knight Crusader King Arthur

Boys Medieval Knight Costume

Dress as a medieval or fairy tale knight in this fancy dress costume. With a tunic, chain-mail effect headpiece and belt as well as trousers with attached boot covers and sword you'll have everything you need to go on a quest to find adventure...
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Kids Boys Girls Children Fancy Dress Robin Hood Costume world book day

Boys Robin Hood Book Day Costume

Dress up as Robin Hood the iconic character that features in many Legends, films and television shows with this great costume. In the classic Brown, green and black this easily recognisable costume comes with a top, trousers and hat. All you'll need to...
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Book Week Gladiator toga costume

Boys Roman Gladiator Fancy Dress Costume

£19.99 £9.99
Fancy being a Spartan? This Roman gladiator costume includes a white toga with gold strap on one shoulder with gold detailing towards the hem. A pair of arm bands to protect you in battle and a matching belt to compelete the look. A costume fit for Roman...
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roman solider

Boys Roman Solider Gladiator Costume

£15.99 £11.99
Dress as a Brave Roman Warrior in this fantastic fancy dress costume. Perfect for book week, this costume features authentic roman detailing, a panelled tunic, leg and arm cuffs and a long flowing heroic red cape! A classic costume that’s great for...
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Medieval Knight Royal King Costume

Boys Royal King Knight Costume

Ride into battle on your noble steed with this medieval Royal King costume! With a long sleeved grey top displaying a bright blue and red coat of arms with a gold lion, attached red, cow print trim cape and a golden crown, its fit for only the bravest of...
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