Book Week

Everyone loves Book Week, it’s so much fun to dress up and play the part of your favourite fictional character. We all like the classics such as Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears or Alice in Wonderland. Here we have the best outfits for you! Don’t be put off because we also have ones for you Disney fans. Go as Tinkerbell from Peter Pan and wear our Mulberry Garden Fairy Fancy Dress Costume, the dress even comes with wings! If you are a lover of Alice in Wonderland we have a Queen of Hearts costume that is sure to trap everyone's heart at the Party (or off with their heads!). Wear our dress and crown with pride and show your guests just how royal you really are. If you also enjoy historical books then this costume is idyllic for the Tudor in you. Try it and see what works for you! Who is your favourite Pocahontas or Tiger Lily? Whatever your decision they’re both classics, dress up in our Native American Indian Fancy Dress Costume and have fun. You’ll be happy to know that this outfit comes with a dress, headband and legwarmers so there’s no need to shop around. Here's just a few ideas for Book Week so take a look to see what else we have in store for you!