Don’t miss out on our jewellery that's fit for all occasions. Whether you’re going to a party as a hippie, pirate, cowboy or pimp we have the right accessories just for you! For our chilled out hippie we have a peace symbol chain necklace that would look ace with a long wig and round glasses. We have skull and crossbone rings and bracelets for those pirates out there, even just one accessory will look impressive along with your costume.“Yeee… harrr” looking for a cowboy bootlace tie necklace? You’ve come to the right place, look just the part with our interesting selection of bootlace tie necklaces. We have fun hats, boots and bull jewels to pull that tie together. You can’t possibly line dance without your bootlace tie! For those pimps out there, we have big gold chains and large gold dollar rings so don’t be mistaken for anything other and enjoy these accessories. Don’t worry we have jewellery for you lovely ladies too. We have: colourful rave bracelets, rainbow leis set (including headband, wristbands and necklace) for those beachy hula costumes, Victorian cameo pearl lace choker necklace and a spooky spider necklace ready for Halloween. Don’t go without, have a look and create the look you want.