Tights & Stockings

Feel like your outfit needs more? Add a pair of tights or stockings, imagine Little Red Riding Hood without her white stockings, it wouldn’t look right. If your character needs a little something extra don’t forget to grab a pair today. Maybe you’re a clown and you feel you’re too scary, make it sexier with stockings. Not only do we have cool Halloween designs but we have cute hold ups with lace and bows; so no matter what style you’re going for we’re bound to have something that’s right for you. Don’t be deterred from taking the plunge into a fancy dress party because it’s winter, warm yourself up with a comfortable and warm pair of tights/stockings of your choice. To make them last longer why not wear them with your everyday clothes, they could be added with a cute pair of shorts or with a dress. Feel happy in what you wear and select the right pair for you.