Wigs & Hair Extensions

When we think of costumes we think of clothing, but remember hair styles can make or break a particular look. It’s hard to make a costume fit around you when their hairstyles are completely different to your own. Don’t be mistaken for someone else, you can make it so simple by buying a wig that's styled and ready for your character. Enjoy having a completely different look without actually cutting or dying your own hair! Worried that your hair won’t look the same towards the end of the night? Give a wig a try and impress yourself and others with a cool or whacky wig. We have a range of all different colours and lengths, enjoy experimenting with something fun. Try out a bushy Black Panther wig or be theatrical with a Lion headdress. You can be mystical and mythical with a beautiful ombre Mermaid wig. Perhaps all you need are extensions, so check them out and liven up the party with your new style. Give yourself more time to party with a hair style that is ready to go, enjoy our selection. Try one today!