Profession & Uniform

Boys love to dress up as their dream professions - why not encourage it - you never know you might have a future Doctor in the family! Dressing up is such an important part of learning. Let your kids role-play firemen, artists, astronauts - encourage it and you never know what your kids will grow up to be! Are you ready for our main event? If you’re a wrestling fan then why not take the match into your own hands, we have the perfect outfit for your new profession. Be impressed with the transformation once you step inside our Wrestler Muscle Man Costume. Enjoy the thrill of adrenaline from fast cars – wear our Pitstop Racing Driver Fancy Dress Costume, which includes a cool jumpsuit and racing driver hat will get everyone interested! Save lives and be a member of the emergency services, you could be a fireman, doctor or a police man – everyone will feel safe with you so why not be their hero!