Girls Historical

Go back in time and take a look at our historical costumes. Imagine a vast desert and huge pyramids, with statues dripping in gold. Why not live that life as an Egyptian goddess in one of our costumes? If you like having all of the power in your hands then why not be a queen in our Queen of Hearts Fancy Dress Costume – rule them all and get your servants to do your chores for you, you are royalty after all.  Love a good laugh, then you will be hilarious and cute in our Circus Sweetie Pink Clown Fancy Dress Costume. Give your friends and family the best type of comedy in the best kind of outfit!  Embrace the wildlife and the outdoors in our Native American Indian Fancy Dress Costume, live the most adventurous in the wild and set up camp in your tepee. Zap! The sound of you’ll make when you’re creating the most powerful spells of all. So have a peek at our Pumpkin Witch Fancy Dress Costume and look the part.  Here’s just a few costumes so why not decide for yourself and see the rest for yourself!