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Fancy yourself as a medieval character then why not take a look at our Medieval category - we have a robin hood honey fancy dress costume and a Tinkerbell purple garden fairy costume that would look great for a medieval/fantasy theme. If you like Alice in Wonderland then why not try a clown costume - we have a great selection to choose from so why not be the Queen of Hearts, her staff or the people of her town? Why not be like Merida in Brave and show off your sassy Scottish attitude and impress everyone in our medieval maid dress. Think outside the box for your Medieval theme and make yourself the only one in the most unique style. This outfit could also be worn as Juliet from Disney's Gnomeo and Juliet - how cute would that be? Lets think back to when cavemen and women we're walking around in there animal fur - why not be a barbarian babe in a viking fancy dress costume and go back to your natural instincts. If you want to be a character that everyone will recognise then why not be Wilma from the Flintstones... whatever you decide you will have the best medieval fancy dress going!