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Ahoy there matey! Sail the seas in the right gear and be Captain Jack Sparrow’s look alike. Imagine getting to the party in your cool pirate shirt with billowed sleeves and faux suede vest, oh so pirate-esque. Don’t forget boot top covers to cover your feet and look like you are wearing those iconic pirate boots all the Pirates of the Caribbean wear in the movie. If this is the look you are going for be sure not to miss out on our accessory packages including a wig, moustache, beard and bandanna. For our female captains out there be cute in a pink Pirate outfit or smouldering in a silky brown skirt topped off with a pretty pirate petticoat to keep the feminine feel of your sexy shipmate outfit. Grab a blow up pet parrot to keep you aware of any danger ahead and attach it to your shoulder or as a party decoration and don’t forget to protect yourself with our authentic looking swords or a pistol. Still yearning for more? Try out our pirate jewellery to complete your outfit and show others just how it’s done because when it comes to Pirates all that glitters really is gold.