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Everyone loves to dress up as an old favourite popstar, so now you have the chance to grab the perfect costume or wig and get ready to sing their catchiest tunes. Popstar parties are always a popular theme so your sure to go to one at some point! Even popstars themselves love a good wig, take Nikki Minaj for example she loves her neon pink dos so why not try out either our long pink wig or our neon pink schoolgirl pigtails plait wig. You could go one step further than Minaj herself and try a neon pink and blue striped raver pop bob wig – you’ll love it! Did I just see Lady GaGa? Take a look at our long yellow wigs and look just like GaGa from her Telephone Video. If you need the full costume rather than just accessories never fear, just check out the wide options we have. From Tina Turner, Union Jack Spice Girls Dress or Sandy from Grease we can get a look that will suit your inner superstar. Want to look groovy baby? - YEAH! If you're love is for the 60's or you'll just love the cheeky Austin Powers why not slip on some flower power necklaces and dance the night away. With so much to choose from you’ll definitely make the right decision and channel your guilty pleasure pop star!