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If you're throwing your child a birthday party then these Handheld Wand Balloons are a must-have! You can grab all kinds of themed wands, ones for girls and ones for boys. For the boys we have Transformer Handheld Balloons and for the girls we have Frozen Handheld Balloons. Also because Minions are everyone's favourite we have the perfect Minion Handheld Balloon for both boys and girls! Use them as party favours with their party bags for when they leave to keep the fun alive when they go home - or give it to them as they arrive so they can have fun throughout the party with their Handheld Balloons. It'll certainly keep them amused and give them something to play with when they're worn out from all that running around!

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Holding inflate-a-fun Frozen Balloon

Frozen Inflate-a-Fun Foil Wand Balloon

£6.99 £4.29
Have you been taken into the whirlwind storm that is Frozen? These Balloons are a great Party Bag filler and can be re-inflated a few times if they go down a little – they can even last for weeks if looked after. Easy to blow up at the bottom it...
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