Star Wars

Star Wars is very much a "man's world", with very few female characters. However, the main female characters in Star Wars are definitely some of the bravest and strongest. Think Padmé Amidala in Phantom Menace where she is elected to be Queen and leads a victorious attack at an impressive age of fourteen. How about Princess Leia Organa? After realising that she wasn't just a posh know-it-all she quickly began to impress her audience; once she took a blaster from lovely Han Solo and put her fate into her own hands. This princess isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and to take care of any Storm Troopers. Her iconic style is something that will always remain famous and her costume is something that everyone will recognise. If that's not what you want then why not go into training and be a Jedi! Here at Fancy Dress VIP we have something for everyone, prepare for The Force Awakens VII in style in your favourite characters costumes and have some fun!

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