Animals and Pets

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So you’re obsessed with animals – that’s OK! Here we love our animal balloons, whether you’re picking one up for a child’s birthday or for a friend I’m sure they’d appreciate one of these cute balloons! Our life size peppy penguin airWalker balloon buddie stands 22” tall and would be perfect for decorating the home or a function room for Christmas. Maybe your friend just loves penguins! Why not make them laugh and surprise them with an air walker penguin, we’re sure that they’d appreciate the thought. A huge fan of Looney Tunes? We are too – our Bugs Bunny is 82” tall and will definitely impress. If you’re interested getting it for someone who loves this character, for a birthday or for your child they’ll love the way it glides when you walk with it! Something so simple could make someone’s day so why not do it today?