Walker Brown Lace Musketeer Boot Top Covers

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SKU 8712026819932
Height 45.00 (cm)
Width 26.00 (cm)
Depth 2.50 (cm)

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When you are doing a re-enactment you need to be dressed from head to toe. You can’t dress up as a Musketeer and then wear your white Nike trainers! Come on people, get into the costume mood!

These boot top covers are for the perfect LARP. Grab your Brown shoes (everyone has some brown leather shoes) and wear these Boot Top covers on top, great on a budget and easy to wear your own shoes rather than buying some full on Men’s Pirate boots. Tuck in your baggy Pirate trousers for the desired effect.

You will feel more comfortable wearing your own shoes and whether you are going for a Steampunk or Victorian look these fit more than one era so they really do come in handy for the avid Fancy Dress fan or Historian. Recently they have been really popular for Pirate Cosplay, especially with the rise of Pirates of the Caribbean and the Assassins Creed Black Flag game.

  • Approx. 16" in length
  • Ideal for Pirate and Steampunk Costumes
  • Authentic
  • Historically accurate
  • Faux Leather


  • 1 x Pair of Brown Boot Top Covers