Bright Pink Layered Mesh Tutu

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SKU 13051417802
Height 35.00 (cm)
Width 24.00 (cm)
Depth 5.00 (cm)

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An easy way to make an outfit fun is with accessories. Tutu’s are easy to wear, fun and comfortable. Easy to wear over whatever you are already wearing you can buy one as a fun gift on a night out for a birthday, hen party or just for a bit of a joke. Each tutu has a stretchy waist band to ensure comfort. Its layered design makes it look full and bouncy like a real ballerina’s skirt.

Neon pink is a classic hen party colour – and a extremely popular colour at the moment. Easy to coordinate your girls with tutus, leg warmers, bright jewellery and maybe some headband boppers to top it all off wearing accessories is simple and adds fun to the evening. Keep your tutu as a prop for other occasions too, a lot of weddings are getting photo booths to collect photos with a box of props. A pink tutu is irresistible in a prop box, we're sure you have all seen the photos!

  • One Size fits most
  • Size 6-14
  • Skirt is approx. 10" Long
  • Elasticated Stretchy Waistband
  • Layered for a full effect


  • 1 x Pink Tutu Skirt