56cm Circus Clown Cleaver Rainbow Prop Weapon

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SKU 0809801717588
Height 56.00 (cm)
Width 9.50 (cm)
Depth 2.50 (cm)

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All killer clowns must have a weapon so get this terrifying looking prop.

It looks cute right, with it's rainbow coloured handle and the fun coloured balls attached... you thought wrong. This prop is covered in blood splatters, so the next time you think it'd be fun to go to the circus; think again. Throw on a clown costume and take your prop along with you because this killer clown means buisness.

We have accessories for all costumes so go ahead and be inspired!

  • 56cm in length
  • Plastic clown cleaver
  • Rainbow handle
  • Attached coloured balls
  • Blood splatters
  • Horror clown accessory


  • 1 x Clown Cleaver